Saturday, January 16, 2010

Birthday Pie

Another nice day for a walk on the beach. Forecast called for warm but chance of thunderstorms. The rain never materialized.  A group in the campground decided to go out for Pizza at Leos in Chemuyil, a little town about 8 mi south of our campground. We had been here last year and remembered how good the pizza was, so we decided to come along.

It turns out that Friday was my birthday so I guess I can claim this as my birthday party with Pie (Pizza) rather than cake to eat. It’s worth the drive to the cute little town. Peggy & I ordered Pizza Leo with salami, ham, pepperoni, spinach, onions, green peppers, and jalapeno peppers (on the side for me) on a thin NY style crust. We bought the Extra Grande so that I would have leftover for lunches next week.
We walked around the town and headed back to camp. Guess what it must have rained at Xpu-Ha and we had left our camper windows and vents wide open. Luckily only Peggy’s sleeping bag got wet and it was now too hot to use it anyway. It dried overnight.
We woke up on Saturday to really hot sunny weather and headed back to the beach.

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