Monday, January 4, 2010

Back in Mexico – Boy do I hate dogs

We had a nice on-time direct flight back to Cancun. We were back to our RV by 1 PM. The weather had cooled off but compared to the snow and cold temperatures in Cleveland it was great. Highs are around 75oF and lows around 65oF.

In the morning Peggy & I took a bike ride to do a little grocery shopping at the Bodega Aurrera (Mexican Wal-Mart) which is only 3 mi from our campground. The weather had cleared so Peggy suggested we take a walk on the beach. Beach access is not really easy since most of the homes have blocked it off but a little private park up the street allowed us to walk through their property to get to the beach.

The last time we walked the beach in this direction some dogs barked at us  from a large private residence. Today, the dogs were running loose on the beach and when they saw us, went into attack mode. Peggy stood still and they growled but did not attack her. They then came toward me and I figured if I splashed some ocean water on them they would go away. Boy was I wrong, they not only didn’t go away but they attacked. Two of them were big Pit Bulls and I ran into the water and fell on my back but one bit my leg. Peggy yelled for help and some workers an a maid came out and called their dogs back, but my leg was bleeding.

Peggy told them they needed to get me medical care so they called someone who was in charge of caring for the home while the owners were away. She could speak English and  said one of the men would take me to a hospital to get it taken care of. They picked her up along the way and stopped at a little Urgi-care type place. They cleaned the wound and said OK I’m all better. Peggy insisted that we see a doctor since she felt I should have a Tetanus shot.

So off to the big American Hospital. A nurse re-cleaned the wound and put on a big dressing. The doctor give me a Tetanus shot and a Rx for an antibiotic. This care cost the owner of the house over $400 usd. I guess medical care in a resort area is not that cheap. He said the one puncture wound was not that deep and we should clean it each day and hopefully no infection will occur.

I hate dogs.

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  1. This might or might not work, but I have heard (and seen) that if you stoop down and pick up a rock (or pretend to) Mexican dogs will scatter. It has worked for me twice but I have not tried it with Pit Bulls.


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