Monday, January 11, 2010

It sure got cold in Mexico

Right after we got to Xpu-Ha (spoo-ha) the weather turned. First the winds, then the an all day rain, then the cooler weather. Highs Sunday in the high 60’s with the low this morning  only 51oF.
I took a bike ride yesterday to the town of Puerto Adventuras, it’s across the road from the resort. They have lots of little groceries and bakeries. It’s a nice little town. Bought some fruit & vegetables.
The highway is high speed four lane divided and it was about 3 mi away. However there is a very wide concrete shoulder to ride  your bike on, so it felt safe with the collectivos and buses flying by.
We were told we can ride our bikes into the resort, so today we may head back there and take some pictures of the area as soon as it warms up a little.
Here is a picture of our little campground. The beach is right behind all the RV’s.

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