Friday, November 20, 2009

Revolution Day? Weather warming.

I ride into town this morning to see if I could see a water truck to bring be about 20 gallons of purified water. I found the streets of the little town of La Pesca blocked with the start of a big parade, featuring Red Cross, Army, boys and girls dressed like the army soldiers with toy guns all getting ready to march in the big parade. They say there are 500 persons that live in this town. 250 of them must have been in the parade with the rest watching. I think it was in celebration of another revolutionary event in Mexico.

I did find the water truck who agreed to drive down to our campground and fill my water tank. The day was very windy but temps climbed into the mid 80’s. Sun was hot but the breeze was cool. Our young friends from Quebec got a late start and need to make stops so they didn’t think they would get much beyond Tampico on Friday night.

We took advantage of the hot weather to take a cool shower, they have a hot water tank but never turn it on. We plan to go into town and try one of the little restaurants a few doors down from the internet place. So if this is posted that’s what we did.

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  1. John, sorry we coundn't join you when you crossed but we will be following you shortly. Crossing scheduled for Dec 10.

    I'm using you as my scout. I was trying to decide whether to make the first stop Cd Victoria or La Pesca. And if it was La Pesca, which park to stay at. Well, you made the decision for us. We'll be stopping at La Pesca.

    You've got to stop dilly-dallying and move on so I can plan my next stop.

    Enjoy the beach and we'll meet up one of these days.


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