Sunday, November 22, 2009

Back on the Emerald Coast

On Saturday we took another bike ride around town and to the beach. Even though it was a cool weekend there were a few Mexican families tenting on the beach. We took a look at the new International Airport that Fontour is building to bring more tourists to the area. There goes the beautiful place we just discovered. Here is a picture of their new terminal.

We decided to hit the road early Sunday morning at 6 AM, so we could make it to our favorite campground on the Emerald Coast Trailer Park de Alba. It's a long driving day because of the bad roads. We pulled in at 3:15PM.

On our way right after we bought fruit at a roadside stand, we passed two big camping rigs who had stayed at the other campground in La Pesca and took two days to do the drive. Two nice couples and Ron has a satellite  rig with Wi-Fi. He generously allowed me to connect which is why I can post this blog tonight. They just started a blog which I will follow to see if we end up in the same place at some other points of the trip since they are heading about the same way. I copied their picture of the fruit stand.

We also found that Emily and Francois had got here yesterday. After a few weekend Mexican families left our group are the only ones here in the campground.


  1. Tell Antonia el al hello from Steve & Daniele! Bob and Claire there yet? Hope to be there in Feb/Mar.

  2. Hi Grandpa, that fruit stand looks so cool!! whGt kind of fruit did you get it looks like there is bananas and oranges and something else! Yummy!


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