Wednesday, November 18, 2009

La Pesca our first Night in Mexico

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We got a nice early start from Houston on Monday 11/16 at 5:00 AM. there was only light traffic all the way to the border. We hit very strong winds and a heavy rain storm. Luckily the winds were from the NW and we were travelling S-SE. The rain ended quickly but the wind blew hard all day and into the night. We got to the border about 11:00 AM. It took us about an hour to get searched twice and get our Visa's (MFT), we already had the 10 yr RV permit. We got some Pesos at a bank machine & some grocery shopping in Valle Hermosa. We got stopped once more for a drug dog search at the new Aduana (Customs) at MX-101 intersection. The roads in this part are excellent and have wide shoulders that slow traffic uses to assist people passing.

Our plans were to see when we got to the big Pemex truck stop whether we should stop for the night, it was only 3:00 PM, so we pushed on since we knew they had just completed widening MX-180 to Soto La Marina. Well, almost completed, the last 3 mi was under construction but no tie-up just rough driving.
We then took the turn for La Pesca, a beach town on the Gulf that we have never visited. I had read Fontour the MX Gov't resort developer was going to start developing this area so we wanted to see it before it got built up with high rise hotels. We pulled into the first camping possibility Gaviota Resort. It was on the river and grassy camping area with lots of mosquitoes for 250 Pesos/nite.
We drove through the town with it dozens of mini-super, small seafood restaurants and fish markets. Peggy didn't like the looks and said let's eat-in tonight. We got to the next campground Tropicana mini-super and camp. They spoke excellent English, it was almost on the Gulf beach and had a nice camp, cabins hookups for RV's for 200 pesos/night. It was 5:00PM and long day but now we get to rest and enjoy the warm weather that just turned a little cooler. 80's-60's.

Bad Morning - I woke about 3:00 AM with a lot of Phlegm clogging my throat. The more I tried to clear it the more trouble I had. It felt like my throat had closed up. Peggy took a look and said my Epiglottis was swollen. We didn't know what to do. Not breathing was a bad option. We didn't think the town of 500 had a doctor but Peggy decided to ask the campground owner who was protected in his trailer by his two wild barking guard dogs inside the fenced-in trailer. He had fallen asleep watching TV which was blaring loudly so he couldn't hear her. She risked her life entering the fenced area and calmed the dogs so she could pound on the window to wake him. It worked, the friendly English speaking owner came to our rescue by driving us to the one doctor in town, which required the help of the police to find. He gave me a me a shot of Diprospan as he thought it could be an allergic reaction to something, he gave me some Avapena tablets to take. I can now breath fine and we went back to bed. Total cost of the emergency medical care and drugs was $45. US medical care should be so cheap.

Fisherman at the Mouth of the river
It is an easy 2 mi walk down a really nice paved road to the beach where there are hundreds of Palapas set up for beach camping. Many places rent showers and toilets.

However this is for summer and holidays so all were empty and only one nice beach restaurant was open. It looks like a good place to use our bikes as traffic is very light.





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  1. We stayed at Gaviota but had not seen the one you are at. I gather that it is on the far side of town past the tiny Pemex? I wasn't sure our 35 MH would make it but I guess it would. This place looks better. Steve


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