Sunday, November 15, 2009

Entering Mexico on Monday 11/16

After two 12 hour days of driving we arrived at Rich & Tracey Priem's home in Houston. Tracey prepared a great lasagna dinner. Their baby Finn is getting really big and standing on his own. I forgot to take a family picture but here is one from earlier this year.

We went to Cade's soccer game on Saturday morning, and played with Rich's computer setup in the afternoon. For dinner we met Tracey's parents and walked to our favorite restaurant Lupe Tortillas.

We got up early Sunday morning and Rich & Dane, along with his friend John did a 23 mi. bike ride around Geo. Bush Park Reservoir. We had a nice dinner with them Sunday evening and are driving the 5 1/2 hrs to the border at Los Indios early Monday morning.

It depends on how long it takes us to cross the border through customs where we will end up on Monday night. But by Tuesday we hope to be in La Pescada, which is a beach down East of Soto La Marina.

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  1. Hi John! Following your commentary again this year so I can go to school on you once again. Here's hoping this journey is free from the challenges you guys had last year. Steve


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