Monday, March 2, 2015

Monday Night in Cerro Azul

We left the balneario campground in Villahermosa at 6:15 AM, it was just getting light. The traffic was light and there were no big delays. No military or police inspections, they just waved us through.

Seems like we stopped a lot for gas and my pesos are running low.Hope we have enough pesos to make it to the border to buy some cheap Texas gasoline.

It was another 11 hour day, a little light rain near Vera Cruz. A big surprise, they finished the last overpass on the MX180 bypass of Vera Cruz, but you still have to drive over the train tracks. There is a fairly new bypass around Cardel, it's marked Poza Rica. Saved driving through the slow intersection in town.

We got to the Condado Auto Hotel & campground just before 5 pm, after stopping to buy a liter of orange blossom honey in Alamo. There were hundreds of Topes today and we sure stirred up our cupboards and refrigerator.

There is no wireless here and we didn't try the electricity. Camping is 150 pesos/night. The Telcel Banda Ancha worked fine for the internet.

So here are our plans for Tuesday

Cerro Azul to Los Indios - Day 3
Mexico Trip Map 14_3a
City City Miles Hours
Cerro Azul S Tampico 90 2:00
S Tampico Altamira 45 1:15
Altamira MX83/81 Xicotencati turn 57 1:05
Xicotencati turn on MX-81 To Ciudad Victoria-MX101/83 Interchange 60 1:10
MX101/83 Interchange MX180/101 Intersection 75 1:30
MX180/101 Intersection Los Indios 120 2:15
Los Indios Harlingen 15 0:45
Cerro Azul Harlingen 462 10:00

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  1. Travel safe. You must be exhausted from all this driving. The high is 40 today so maybe your driveway will melt!!


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