Sunday, February 8, 2015

Another Day in Paradise


Not a lot has been going on here, that’s why I’ve not taken any pictures.

We walk on the beach every morning after it warms up. We watch the workers haul the sea weed or Sargassum off the beaches to make the beach walkable.


It seems this year huge piles are accumulating on beaches all over the Caribbean. Small amounts are good for the wildlife while big piles on the beaches are not. It really piles up on our beach when we get heavy winds from the East.

But after they clean it up and bury it we may have weeks of none at all.

This has been a cooler dryer year so far, only one rain storm. I collected enough rain water to rinse the salt off the RV. Daytime highs around 80oF with lows in the high 50’s.

We read our books on our Kindles in the afternoon. They are the best thing we ever bought, it probably saved hauling around 50 lbs. of books and most we have got free.

We bum rides and go shopping either at the Chedraui super market a few miles up the road or in Playa del Carmen, 20 minutes away.

We go to Pizza Leos on Friday nights or to several other local restaurants in the area.

Gerry & Ann hosted a Super Bowl party with his new TV and Canadian Dish. Ann made her famous Xpu-Ha chili. Good game this year. Rob & Shirley cheered their Patriot team to victory.

When the waves get less than 4’ in the bay, I paddle my river kayak for a couple of hours to stay in shape.

Not a Good Week for Campground Dogs


Correlle, one of dogs had a large tumor on her belly. One of the other dogs decided to bite it while the had a little fight. It was torn open and got infected before anyone decided to take it to a vet. in Playa. After a few days she didn’t get better and passed away.

BlondieAlso Blondie, who was Correlle’s sister, who has been cared for by Sigrid, who camps here all year had problems..

Sigrid was in Germany this summer and when she returned she found that Blondie was not her old self but very thin and didn’t fatten up under her care.

After a visit to the vet. Blondie was found to have inoperable cancer. She died one week after Correlle.

We have 5 new campers who arrived during the past week from MI., Ontario & Quebec. Most had been camping further south at Mahahual.

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  1. So sorry to hear of the passing of Blondie and sad. We missed sharing the comraderie with the Xpu- Ha gang over the Super Bowl game; and, of course, missed Ann's wonderful chili! Being from Boston, naturally we were rooting for the Pats too! Great game. Stay well and happy. Helen


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