Sunday, March 10, 2013

Two day drive – Now Back Home

We have been at Rich & Tracey’s in Houston from Monday night to Friday morning. We watched the weather forecast all week looking to find 2-3 good driving days from Houston, TX to Cleveland, OH. This year I saw a short window of good driving weather coming up starting Thursday to Sunday. We decided that if we took the shortest route home we could make it to Jackson, TN in about 12 hours. Stay at a nice Wal-Mart/Sam’s with free Wi-Fi and then take another 10 hours to drive via Nashville, Louisville, Cincinnati and Columbus to Home.

It looked like Friday and Saturday would be dry and warm and Sunday would be the warmest day of the winter in Cleveland, great for cleaning up and unpacking. So we got an early 5:45 AM start. Houston traffic was light. Later in the day we saw some of the TX spring break campers getting an early start for the week but traffic was really light all day. There was one traffic delay on I-40 in Arkansas on the way to Memphis. We tried a detour route but I think if we would have just stayed on the freeway it would have been faster.

Saturday was nice; sunny and dry. We saw signs of last week’s snow storm around Cincinnati. We lost 1 hour going from CST to EST and with a few accident delays the drive took us 11 hours. On Sunday, we lost another hour to DST. I got to wash all the salt and grime off the RV while Peggy emptied all our food and clothes. I drained the water systems.

Rain is predicted for Monday and cold and snow later in the week. Now I have to start my exercise bike training to get ready for our annual kayak race which is in two weeks.

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