Monday, March 4, 2013

Now at Rich & Tracey’s in Houston

After a nice quiet night in the Harlingen Wal-Mart, we did some shopping in the morning. I got on the internet at the new Lowes store about 3 miles away. Our Keel-Hauler website got hacked and I had to remove the bad files. I hope it’s fixed. I drove a few blocks to fill my Propane tank. For those that don’t know, MX sells Butane instead of Propane. Most campers don’t know because MX just call it Gas. It works fine and mixes with no problem, but if you return to the Northern cold climates you may find that you can’t get any gas from your tank or  bottle. Butane has 0 pressure at 32oF. So always refill your tank with Propane when you return.

I heard from Rob, they overslept but made it OK to Soto, then today they made it to McAllen, TX. They had no problems driving or crossing the border.

We drove to Houston in the afternoon and had a nice dinner with their family.

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