Thursday, May 31, 2012

New RV Completed & Outfitted

We picked up our new RV on May 15th. We had a lot of changes made to the standard model. When we got it home I installed the 2 large solar arrays, the canoe/kayak rack & a DVD player.


My old 2551 model had a sofa that went into a bed and had a small table. The new model has a dinette that goes down to a small bed and includes a swivel chair. It has a huge electric awning and a bigger slide-out that includes the refrigerator. Pictures tell the story.



Moving the TV antenna to the rear allowed me to install 2 - 140watt solar arrays.

Inverter, Solar Array monitor, Tank level system moved to door with awning controls.





Moved the Slide-Out Control and Generator Control to more accessible place.


Huge drawers in Dinette base for storage.



Bedroom TV & DVD Player    - - - - - - - - - - -                   Bath


  1. Wow! Your new RV sure is spacious. It’s perfect for travelling across the country with your family. I love how the wood finish made the RV look more homey and comfortable. Great find, John!

  2. Love the new RV! Can't wait to read more of your adventures!


  3. keelhauler, I love your solar panel setup, the best I've ever seen on a PC. If we had a need for them, that is how I would have liked to do it. But with our antenna in the standard position up front, I'd have to settle for something less than ideal. I also think your "all white" rig with just the graphics looks better than PC's with the partial paint job. Looks better, stays cooler, and at a lower price too! Your rig in white with solar panels is perfect for spending time in the beautiful desert regions of our great country. Happy trails.

  4. Nice RV, John! I’m sure your RV will be the envy of the road when you finally take it out for a drive around the country. The wooden interiors are so beautifully installed, and they really match the seats and all the other furniture. Great job finding this piece of beauty!

  5. Your RV’s floor plan looks pretty well thought out. I like how you maximized the space! And even though you have a lot of stuff inside, your floor plan made it so that there is still space for you to move around. Good job for making this amazing RV!


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