Saturday, April 7, 2012

New Phoenix 2552 under construction

We traded in our old 2551 Phoenix Cruiser after Peggy saw this new model. We will be able to use bigger Solar Arrays and it will have a dinette in the slide out.


Floor Plan

We stopped by the factory to drop off our old RV and found out that they had already started building our new 2552 Phoenix Cruiser.



Under Construction



Only 5 more weeks


  1. Congratulations on the new RV. It is bittersweet coming back home, but you seem to have mastered the wintering in Mexico well! We have enjoyed your blog and are still sorry we missed meeting you when we were in Xpu-ha! I hope you enjoy your new "home." We have a list of repairs after our little casa-rodante weathered 8000 miles on those bumpy Mexican roads. I know we are both anxious to plan our next trip! Maybe our paths will cross.
    Sue & Tobey

  2. Lovely new rig! I'd sure like to have those slide-out drawers under the dinette! Wishing you many, many miles.


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