Sunday, March 6, 2011

Overnight at the big Pemex near the Palenque turn.

See Map 8a
We woke up to a lot of rain so we hung around until about 8:30AM when the rain stopped. Then we attempted our exit from the campground with the narrow gate while going over a big hill.
The first thing I did was to knock over one of his concrete campsite markers. I couldn’t see it, the owner was waiting at the gate and Peggy was looking elsewhere. I’ll have a little fiberglass repair now when we get home, but it’s minor underneath the passenger side running board.
The second thing was, it is so steep and my wheelbase is so long, that my generator muffler hanger dug into the concrete but it didn’t seem to hurt anything.
So we got out OK, and unless he does some work on his electrical outlets and narrow gate, that’s the last time for us. We saw another hotel on Calle 39, Eco-Hotel Green River, on the way out of town that had a wider gate but I’m not sure what the camping arrangements are.
The traffic was light all day, the roads were dry and in good condition. One military inspection stop, more curiosity than inspection.
We got here at 4:15PM and hope to leave by 6:00AM on Monday morning headed  to North of Vera Cruz.

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