Thursday, March 17, 2011

Back Home

After our short visit to my cousin in Houston, we hit the road early on Sunday morning. We watch the weather forecast along the way and try not to drive in snow or rain storms. We like to be back home after the snow is gone and the temperatures are going to be above freezing.

We decided to take an extra day to drive home. We took it nice and slow up the Natchez Trace from Jackson, MS to Nashville, TN. Temperatures were still in high 70's and dry. After spending the night south of Nashville things cooled to the 40's and rain was forecast to be following us North.

We had a little rain here and there and when we stopped in Louisville for the night, temperatures were still in the 40's. We got another early start and we beat the rain back to Cleveland. Temperatures were still in the 40's and we found some snow on the ground at home.

By Wednesday it warmed to 50's with rain so that all the snow disappeared. On St. Patrick's Day it warmed to 68oF and sunny. We got the RV cleaned up and ready to store.

This will be our last blog until next year when we are thinking of heading back to Mexico again. We drove over 7000 mi this year, so fuel and vehicle depreciation was by far our biggest expense.

View a Slide Show of the 2010-11 Trip

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