Sunday, December 5, 2010

Quiet Sunday on The Costa Maya

The RV batteries didn’t seem to be taking a charge or holding a charge. So I pulled them out to inspect and found a lot of oxidation on the terminals, I cleaned them up and things look better, we will see what happens tonight. The refrigerator seems to be working just fine since our problems a few days ago.
ShoppingCruiseDock Not much went on on Saturday night and even less on a Sunday. A nice warm sunny day at Blue Bay.
We decided to bike down the Malecon and then over to where the cruise ships dock. We heard that there were stores there and that was as far as some passengers ever got.  Everything was closed of course since the next ship doesn’t arrive until Tuesday. It’s really fun bicycling on the nice smooth roads with no traffic. We get a strong breeze off the ocean which makes it feel cooler than the 85oF temperature.
This is the lighthouse at the end of the road right next to the campground. If you get this far looking for the campground you missed the right turn. The malecon starts here and is about a mile long with the beach on one side and restaurants and shopping on the other side.

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