Monday, December 13, 2010

Enjoying the Beach and Weather at Xpu-Ha

Last Thursday we were expecting Claude & Mags along with Gerry and Ann to arrive at La Playa campground. They all live about 70 mi North of us near Chatham, ON and we camped here with them last year.
Late in the afternoon Claude rolls in and tells us the bad news. While they were camped along the road in Bacalar, Gerry & Ann were burglarized by some kids. The worst part was, besides taking their computer, they stole both sets of truck keys, so now they are stuck there until they can get some new computer programmed keys made for them.
Of course Mexico is much safer then Westlake, I read today in the news, “WESTLAKE, Ohio -- Monday, December 13, 2010, Three homes were burglarized Saturday and Sunday in the same neighborhood.”, so I guess no matter where you are, watch out.
We like to walk to the end of the beach by an abandoned hotel and sit by our own private Palapa.

Of course we marked it so no one else will use it.

This is the beach directly in front of the camp.

This morning Dierck and Claude are driving 3 hrs back to Bacalar to see if they can pull Gerry’s 5th wheel back to camp so that they don’t have to sit there along along the highway. They hope they can tow his truck somewhere that is safe until the key gets made. They tried offering a reward if the kids returned his keys but no luck so far.

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  1. The beach is so beautiful! I bet you had a wonderful time there. The water is so serene and the white sand makes you want to lie down and just feel the cool waves wash over you. Which part of Mexico are you in right now?

    Tobias Thrash


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