Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sunny, Hot & Windy Today

The last few days were every nice, high’s in the low 80’s and lows in the high 60’s. A little bit of rain but nothing that affected our beach time. On the weekends La Playa Restaurant always has a few hours of live entertainment on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Some good, some loud. These guys were good,
Tuesday morning was cool and the sea was pretty calm so I decided to paddle over to Puerto Aventuras a large condo, hotel community that is expanding every year,
One interesting thing is although the place is really nice the don’t have much of a public beach for all the people to use. The beach behind me is all private belonging to the condos along the water. So, many of their residents jump in their cars and drive over to share our beautiful beach at Xpu-Ha,


They are expanding by dredging deep channels with lots of boat docks and room for many more private homes and hotels but no beach access. But beautiful concrete seawalls and well protected from any big storms.
All of this is actually behind the large cenote on the south side of Puerto Aventuras that I paddle to a lot.

This is an older section which shows what it will look like some day.
Of course I always walk over to the Dolphin pools to watch them abuse the Dolphins and amuse the guests.
They have 6 large open pools where they keep Dolphins, Manatee, Sting Rays and Sea Lions. People go swimming with them for a price but are open so anyone else to walk around and watch for free. This is a gated community but you can drive in and say you are going to a restaurant, diving, snorkeling or fishing and they will let you in the gate. The also rent bikes so you can ride around see the whole community which even includes a golf course.
You can bike here from Xpu-Ha but it is on the busy highway but it does have a bike lane.
We have heard from two of our friends, Rob & Shirley from Martha’s Vineyard and Paul & Helen from Inverness, FL. They all should be crossing the border into Mexico this week and be arriving here in Xpu-Ha early next week.


  1. This is where Joan, Meg and I will be staying:) Looks like fun. 14 more days until you are back in beautiful Cle!! Love ya Pam.

  2. Beautiful Cleveland?? If you call grey, wet, cold weather beautiful. I want to be in Mexico!!

  3. Looks like a lot of fun. I am counting down the days until I get to be on a beach!


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