Friday, November 26, 2010

Catemaco Bike Ride

When you walk along the Malecon in Catemaco you will see dozens of launches and boat captains trying to sell you a ride to see the monkeys on the small island in the lake. I had paddled my kayak there before, so we passed on a boat ride, We checked out the shops and restaurants instead.
I found this artist rendering of the Catemaco-Tuxtla area, I loved the detail and it gave me the idea to take a bike ride along the canal that comes out of the lake right past our campground.

The ride was good idea after the big turkey dinner last night. Most everyone one in camp and in the Casitas attended, so there was lots to eat.

The road down to the canal is a little bumpy but the path is not too steep. Peggy was able to peddle back up it  without a problem. The path along the canal has several dips and Vados but was a nice ride with some good views looking back toward San Andres. 
After about 2-1/2 mi the canal ends in a small lake where the water then plunges through a huge pipe to the power station below. We started down the hill but realized that it goes down a long way and we were not going to take that long a ride in this hot weather. So, we turned around and peddled back to camp to have a nice lunch. It would be a nice walk for those that don’t have bikes along.


  1. It's great to read your Mexico stories again, especially on your current route, which we've not taken. Thanks!

  2. Hi KH - welcome back.
    "The only thing I don't like is that there is no easy lake access for my kayak."
    If you drive to the end of the Malecon, at the end of the pavement, you'll find what passes as an access ramp.
    Enjoy your stay

  3. I'm enjoying your current trip and seeing some of the places I visited last year.I was planning on returning this year as I loved the Catemaco area...Maybe next year...Going to hang around RVG this year.

  4. Yes Don, I put-in there last year but it's quite a walk with my kayak from the campground to that point. Last year someone gave me a ride. My kayak is on the RV and I'm not going to move the RV just to go to the put-in.

  5. I love the artist's rendering of the Catemaco area. It looks lovely. Nice Photos of the canal trail. I have never been there, but I would love to go. I am enjoying following along your journey this time around. And I love looking back at your trip last year as well. Thanks for sharing your journey. It makes me want to go to Mexico more and more, despite my fear of the whole random violence issues that have been occurring in that lovely country.


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