Monday, December 7, 2009

Uxmal – Mayan Ruins & Show

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Our last visit here was 23 years ago. We remembered that we enjoyed the ruins and the Sound and Light show in the evening. So if you don’t like driving in the dark, the best thing to do is just dry camp in their RV parking lot. We got here early after our bike ride in Merida and checked out the restaurant menu next door and got the password for their free Wi-Fi signal.

I tried to join their band of merry men.

After I caught up on my E-mails and blog we took a tour of the ruins.  They didn’t seem as large as we remembered them but Uxmal was the first Mayan ruin that we had ever seen and since then we have visited Chichen-Itza, Palenque, Copan and Tikal all of which are larger. It was a warm day, sunny and 85oF, but there was a nice breeze. We took our time and rested in the windy shade quite often. There was hardly anyone here, we felt we had the place to ourselves.

I climbed up to the top of The Great Pyramid to get this aerial view. We went back to  the camper cleaned up and headed across the parking lot to dinner. Peg had a nice big fish dinner while I had pasta with shrimp. Usually I get the fish and she gets the shrimp.

During dinner several tour buses came rolling in, so when we got back to the ruins we met a large crowd waiting for the sound and light show which promptly starts at 7PM. Too bad we don’t understand Spanish as the story being told was in Spanish. Something about the Mayans needing water and praying to their rain god Choc. The sound of the lightening and rain was quite realistic. Tough to take pictures in the dark but here is my try.

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