Monday, July 13, 2015

We are not heading back to Mexico for the 2015-16 Winter season.

We have travelled to Mexico for 14 years, mostly in our RV’s. The last seven winters were spent in the Yucatan, since we loved the white sand beaches. We had lots of good experiences all over Mexico but we wanted to try something different this year. If it doesn’t work out we probably will come back to Mexico next year.
We used to spend a lot of winters in Florida. Even when I was working full time, we managed to get away for Christmas or Easter breaks with our kids.  By my count we have been to Florida 16 different times but we have not spent as many days RV’ing in FL.
The last time we went down during the winter season we found it very hard to find campsites south of Tampa where it is warmer than Northern or Central FL. But it is still not as warm as the Yucatan in the winter. This year we may reserve a few camp sites in hard to get into parks and still fly home at Christmas time. We hope that all the camps will be Federal, State, or County parks. I will try to Blog and post pictures like I did here. But I will be using a new Blog URL.  I just added a post with a tentative itinerary.
So if you don’t see any more posts here, go our new blog and please feel free to post comments.

But we always enjoyed Mexico, here is a video I made from the last year here. Video of our last year in Mexico

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